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Coffee and Zabaione at Panella in Esquilino

yellow zabaione in coffee

I don’t like to take sugar in my coffee. When the coffee is good, I want to taste the flavors, the acidity, and enjoy the right level of bitterness. However I make an exception for a special combination of coffee sweetness at Panella, where you can find cafe served with zabaione.  Zabaione, or zabaglione, is […]

Where to Eat Porchetta in Rome

roast porchetta pig in Italy

Visit any traditional Italian festival or street fair and you are sure to find a porchetta stall surrounded by a hungry crowd. The succulent pork is beloved throughout the country, but the rustic delicacy originally hails from the Roman countryside. Porchetta is instantly recognizable due to its size and presentation – a full, boned pig, […]

What Rome Reopening Looks Like Post-Coronavirus

After 70 days of strict quarantine which allowed people to only leave their homes for urgent reasons, and always with a legally binding signed statement, Italy began to reopen on May 4th. First, some businesses such as factories were allowed to restart. Other places like eateries we’re finally allowed to open for takeaway. Children were […]