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Ridiculous Italian Underwear

Every time I walk by an Initimissimi, I slow down. It’s hard not to! There are revolving mannequin torsos spinning at a tantalizing speed, showcasing the latest in Italian lingerie. But really, I’m interested in the men’s options.  They are hilariously inappropriate and featured front and center. For more underwear click here.

Pizza in Naples: Da Michele

Recently, we had a craving for pizza.  There are no shortages of great pizzerias in Rome, but we decided that the only thing that would do was a trip Naples. A 9 Euro train ticket and a 2 hour ride later, we were standing in front of Da Michele. Da Michele is not a highly […]

Italian Baby Food

My very first (and very short-lived) job in Italy was as a babysitter. I spent most of the first day being shown how to prepare dinner for a 7-month-old baby. That is when I realized that Italian baby food is… different. Italian babies are on a whole other diet level from their American counterparts.  Most baby […]