The 10 Best Rome Jokes

Want to have a little light hearted Roman fun? Spice up a trip to the Eternal City with a chuckle after soaking up the history? After hearing many a pun in my Roman years, I can honestly say that these are the 10 best Rome jokes around — with a bonus silly poem at the end! 

What do you call a Roman with a cold?

Julius Sneezer

Why don’t they sell GPSs in Italy?

Because all the roads lead to Rome.

A Roman walks into a bar…

He holds up two fingers and says “give me five beers.”

What cut the Roman Empire in half?

A pair of Ceasars.

What did the Roman say when his wife was eaten by a lion?


What is the best way to explore Italy?

You Rome.

Why do Romans always have a hard time ending relationships?

Their X is always a 10.

Who the heck cares about learning the Roman Numeral system?

I for one…

Why wasn’t there any McDonald’s in the Roman Empire?

There was too much Greece

I heard people are trying to ban roman numerals.

Not on my watch.

address in Rome

And let’s end with a little rhyme:

When the Romans landed in Britain,

The weather proved a teaser!

The emperor asked “Could this be rain?”,

But the answer was “Hail, Caesar”


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