Nutella Pizza

In Rome, pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice) and crispy thin pizza tonda (round pizza) are equally popular. Throw in a bit of pinsa (Roman flatbread), and the savory options are nearly limitless.

However, there is also such a thing as sweet pizza that can be served for desserts. You will usually find this only at the pizzeria, and if you go to a place like Seu Pizza Illuminati, the pizza dolce is elaborate and delicious. The sweet can be simple as well, and most Italian children know the simple joy of pizza con nutella.

Nutella, if you have somehow never encountered it, is a famous chocolate hazelnut spread. It can be served on toast in the morning at home, swirled into gelato, and also spread on warm pizza bianca. 

Pizza bianca con nutella is the ultimate merenda for Roman children. The simple, salty pizza is cut in half and the Nutella is spread liberally inside. If you have small kids, it is mess waiting to happen.. but it also produces pure joy. It is salty and sweet, crunchy and soft. The pleasure is immense.

Some small slices often appear at the end of the meal at our local pizzeria. A gift from the pizza makers to our young children, who never dare to assume it is coming, and are always thrilled with the simple treat.

One thought on “Nutella Pizza

  1. Erika English says:

    I’ve had chocolate pizza before and it was delicious. I wish nutella pizza could be eaten at any pizzeria outside of Italy as well.

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