Libera + Soon Bar and Store in Rome

interior of coffee shop
The area around Piazza Navona and Chiostro del Bramante is a beautiful tangle of Roman streets splaying and snaking through the center of the city. While there are absolutely some lovely shops and businesses here, there have also been some closures of beloved institutions like Bar della Pace and Etabli.
I love this central part of Rome and welcomed the changes at a place like Camillo, and kept going back to favorites like Enoteca il Piccolo. But I had missed the opening of Libera + Soon. 
Libera + Soon is a bit of a coffee bar, a bit of an eatery, with a dash of homegoods, and a lovely gallery feel. You can have a light lunch or a quick coffee, or admire their gallery of carefully selected goods, and pick up a new teapot or a linen blanket to bring home. 
In my defence, Libera + Soon is easy to miss because it is on one of the quieter alleys near the buzzing square. But it is only a two minute walk from the center of the piazza. You can be sipping your spritz in a deliciously quiet corner away from the crowds.
The cafe/shop is wonderfully curated and open for breakfast, lunch, and apertivo (until about 9 pm). 
Via del Teatro Pace, 41
Rome, Italy (Piazza Navona)

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  1. Tracy Smallwood says:

    I am currently in Rome visiting for my first time and I am in awe! I am from Indiana and I am enjoying the Rome culture and sights! I enjoy all your Rome tips! Thank you!

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