I Caruso Gelato in Rome

gelato cone in store

Old school.

Gelateria I Caruso is seriously old school.

The wood and tiles may be worn, but the all glass wall to one side allows you to see directly into the gelato prep area. I Caruso has nothing to hide.

You might have read some gelato “rules” that say you should always check to make sure the gelato looks ok. Keep an eye out for pistachio (which should be the lightest green) and banana (white/gray, not neon yellow).  But I Caruso keeps its gelato in little wells.

This is to maintain optimal temperature and keep the ice cream protected from the air.

Again – they have nothing to hide. The gelato artigianale is made with all natural ingredients.

In fact, I Caruso takes seasonality so seriously that they have a permanent “calendar of flavors” listed on the wall.

From March through October, you can also try the gelato shop’s signature cremolati in addition to cones and cups.

I was tempted to go for three scoops, but I am glad I stuck to the small cone because the servings are generous.

The straciatella was good, but the almond gelato was truly delicious. It is hard to strike the right mix of subtle bittersweetness, but I Caruso has managed brilliantly. Perfectly creamy and balanced.

If you want to make a day of it, you can also swing by Come il Latte in the same neighborhood for a taste comparison of some of the best gelato in Rome.

Gelateria I Caruso

Via Collina, 13
Rome, Italy

Open: Everyday from noon – midnight.

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