La Pignasecca Market in Naples: Street Food in Napoli

Roman markets have a good dose of character.

But they literally have nothing on the free-for-all, in-your-face, food-and-people-crush that is the Neapolitan experience.

Craving some fried foods, Sara and I hopped on the train for a day trip to Naples.

streets of Naples

Just off of Via Toledo, we only needed to take a short metro ride to the Toledo stop to arrive at the entrance to the market.

speciality food naples

The outdoor mercato extends along the length of Via Pignasecca and is a mix of temporary stalls, pizzerias, and permanent specialty food shops.

Naples Fish Market

Open every day, the morning time is when you find the most stands open for business.

Naples fish seller with attitude

But mercato Pignasecca is not just about fresh food – it also offers some of the best people watching in Naples.

la pignasecca naples food market

I was the weirdo, lingering around stalls  because I wanted to soak up the atmosphere.


Not able to carry back all the gorgeous produce, I went straight for the street food.

fried street food naples

La Pignasecca is a fabulous choice if you need some Neapolitan street food deliciousness in your life.

Tiny fried alici and calamari are available in simple brown paper cups.

LaPignasecca fritti

For the highest concentration of street food in the market, stop at Fiorenzano.


There you can find pasta fritta.

naples street food

But you also need to leave room for parigina – a 1 million calorie (estimated) double-decker pizza layer with ham, cheese and sauce. Oh dio.

street food naples

The street food in Pignasecca will fill you up for the day if you let it, so alternate between stuffing you face and wandering Naples’ largest outdoor market.


la pignasecca mercato

The rapid fire orders for fruit and vegetables is incredible to watch.

LaPignasecca food market

And the piles of produce are mesmerizing.

LaPignasecca street market Naples

But the characters, setting up unofficial shops on wooden crates or cement blockades, are what make La Pignasecca the best market in Naples.

naples onion sellers

Dive in.

LaPignasecca pizzeria napoli

And stop for one last arancino before you leave to go eat pizza at Sorbillo.





13 thoughts on “La Pignasecca Market in Naples: Street Food in Napoli

  1. Lucy says:

    Ah I have still never been to Naples, despite it being so high on my bucketlist!! Some of these pictures remind me of Palermo, another wonderful spot for street food and markets. Luckily, we have a small take-away Sorbillo in Milan, selling the lovely folded fried pizzas nom nom nom xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

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