Christmas Tea in Rome: Babington’s Tea Shop

Babingtons at Spanish Steps

I have walked by Babington’s many times.  If you have been to Rome, so have you.

With an unimaginably good location, Babington’s offers tea and light bites right at the base of the Spanish Steps.  You know. Right there.

Babingtons at Spanish Steps

Yep. There.

The tea rooms were established in 1893, with the aim of catering to the English crowd.  In fact, they may be called the Spanish Steps*, but the neighborhood was at one point predominately English.  You will find the Keats Shelley House just a few steps (ha) away.

Holiday cupcake christmas tree

At Babington’s, it is all about the tea, but during Christmastime there is the added charm of a roaring fire place and holiday treats.

entry babington

The location is beautifully designed, and offers a posh retreat in one of the busiest areas of Rome.

Christmas tea

And if you are in need of a last minute holiday gift, they offer mugs and kettles but also tasty tidbits such as jams and even (gasp) maple syrup!

Christmas foods in Rome

If you are craving a bit of cozy holiday charm, stop in for tea and crumpets or scones.  Mmmm… scones…


Tomorrow 21 December is really the time to finally check out Babinton’s. Starting at 10 am, the tea shop will host an annual morning of Christmas Carols.  For more information, or to book a table, e-mail [email protected]

*The Spanish Steps take their name from the Spanish embassy to the Holy See, which is located on the same piazza.

Babington’s Tea Room
Piazza di Spagna, 23
Roma, Italy
Open everyday from 10 – 21


5 thoughts on “Christmas Tea in Rome: Babington’s Tea Shop

  1. Gunnar says:

    If, or rather, when we go to Roma I am sure we will visit this place. My wife is devoted Tea-lover. I prefer coffe myself.

    Buon Natale e un Felice Anno Nuovo 2015!

  2. Regina says:

    Hi Natalie, Just found your blog and have already made notes of restaurants and experiences for our 2016 Rome trip aka my 60th birthday Bernini Pilgrimage. Thanks and Happy 2015!

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