Hotel Raphael: Rooftop Bar in Rome

sunset over church domes from the rooftop restaurant at hotel raphael in Rome

There are a lot of great rooftop bars in Rome, but one of the most intimate and charming is the tiny seating area at the tippy top of Hotel Raphael. 

It might seem strange to hang out at a hotel if you LIVE in Rome, but this is truly a unique and beautiful place in a city that has no shortage of incredible vistas.

But hotel or not, Raphael has a view that makes it the perfect perch for an evening of relaxation.

Located near Piazza Navona, you can see duomo after duomo.  Can you spot the Pantheon peeking through below?

The sunset sights will set you back a pretty penny. The only draw back of Hotel Raphael’s terrazza is that it is stupid expensive for a drink. I spied a Mimosa on the menu for 22 euro.

Instead, order a bottle of Prosecco for 32 euro.  A steal? No. But at least you have a bottle-long excuse to linger of the view. Plus, you’ll get some (not so great) finger food to go with it.

Just walk straight past the front desk and you’ll see the elevator.  Head up the 5th floor then follow the signs to the terrace.

Hotel Raphael
Largo Febo, 2, 00186 Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 06 682831

6 thoughts on “Hotel Raphael: Rooftop Bar in Rome

  1. Romadvisor says:

    I’d like to add a little “folklore” about the Raphael. This hotel is a symbol of the italian recent history (1993), because at the end of the period that we call “Prima Repubblica” a lot of angry citizens throwed their coins against the prime minister Bettino Craxi, while he was getting out from the Raphael. That moment was the icon of the end of a political age and the start of a new era that…it was worst than the previous 🙂

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