Up Sunset Bar in Rome on the Rinascente Rooftop

Tables and umbrellas at the Up Sunset Bar in Rome

The Eternal City has an incredible skyline and world-famous monuments, so it should be no surprise that there are also plenty of gorgeous rooftop bars in Rome where you can enjoy the sunset over a drink. 

Heading up to these terraces is one of my favorite summer activities – but there are actually a few rooftops that stay open all year. One of those is the Up Sunset bar on the top of the Rinascente department store on Viale Tritone.

view of Rome rooftops from Rinascente store

If you have gone shopping in Rome, then you know that department stores are not the norm. We do have chains, but most of the stores tend to be smaller independent businesses. However, Rinascente is no ordinary department store. The mega luxury store is seven floors of designer goods. They stock everything from the latest Gucci bags to Louboutin heels, classic homewares, and even gourmet food.

It is a little wonderland, even if you happen to only have the budget for window shopping.

interior of department store with squared look

You don’t need to buy anything to go up to the roof – where the terrace bar is located. Take the zigzagging escalators to the top, then walk outside for one set of stairs to the final terrace. You can snap a few photos and leave – but I really recommend staying for a drink to soak it all in.

As the name suggests, this bar is great at the end of the day. However, unlike some other bars that only open in the evening, Up Sunset bar is open from 10 am – so you can stop in for a coffee or even pop by for a cheeky afternoon drink. 

church and apartment rooftops in Rome

The store, and thus the bar, are located right between the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, so Up is the ideal place to treat yourself to a little break while you are out sightseeing in Rome. 

The drinks here aren’t exorbitantly priced but they are expensive. Expect the cocktails to start around €14. You are paying for the view and the setting. I was more than happy to pay it for my refreshing Hugo (prosecco, elderflower cordial, and mint), and had a great time catching up with a friend here. 

hand holding Hugo spritz on Rome rooftop

There is no set dress code at the Up Sunset bar, but you will probably feel out of place in athletic wear. Italians do not wear gym clothes outside of the gym. So while cool sneakers are always in fashion, your running shoes and shorts might not cut it. I always recommend smart casual as a minimum dress code for most places in Rome. This is especially true considering that Rinascente is a luxury store.

On your way out, be sure head down to the basement of the department store to see the Aqua Virgo Aqueduct. One of the reasons it took 11 years to open this Rinascente is because of the archeological site that the building is constructed upon. 

rome aqueduct in department store basement

This is the ancient aqueduct that provides water for most of the major fountains in Rome. This includes the Trevi Fountain, which is only a couple of blocks away. There is a small multimedia display that shares the history of the aqueduct and it is a fun, free thing to visit briefly.

acqua virgo aqueduct in Rinascente

Up Sunset Bar

(Inside Rinascente Tritone)

Via del Tritone, 61
Rome, Italy 

Open: Everday from 10 am to 10 pm


3 thoughts on “Up Sunset Bar in Rome on the Rinascente Rooftop

    • Natalie says:

      On Piazza Venezia! I don’t think you will have a few from this rooftop but you can easily see it as you pass through that busy roundabout towards Via Tritone

  1. Martine Carreras says:

    We spent 3 evening diners there, it was really great…. and the cocktails were splendid…. A great thank you to them all…

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