Zuma Rooftop Bar in Rome

sunset in Rome from Zuma rooftop

When summer arrives in Rome, the city tends to move outside. AC can be weak in these parts and most Romans take advantage of the cooler evening air with outdoor events and sunset drinks.

I love going to rooftop bars in Rome because each of the terraces offers a different view and a specific vibe. One of the best places to sip on a cocktail is actually above the flagship Fendi store.

chairs on a rooftop bar with church dome in the background

I have written about Zuma before because it such a chic space with great food and drinks, but the real kicker is Zuma’s Roman rooftop. Palazzo Fendi has an incredible location at the base of Via del Corso – one of the most famous shopping streets in Rome

above via del corso buildings with blue skies

From the Zuma rooftop, you look directly down the street and up at the Spanish Steps, while the rest of the neighborhood spills out before you. It is one of the prettiest places to be for sunset in Rome. 

Fendi products are decidedly outside of my budget but I can always splurge on a cocktail. I think that the €12-€15 are worth it for the quality of the drinks and the setting itself.

drink with Zuma branding and black bowl of calamari

Zuma does not take reservations for their rooftop bar so the best thing to do is to arrive a few minutes before the bar opens. You won’t be allowed upstairs until 6 pm, when the bar officially opens. However, you can wait in the small lobby area where the elevators are located that will whisk you up to the rooftop. 

people sitting on a rooftop bar in Rome

You will be asked if you want to sit inside or outside and outside is always the better idea when the weather is nice. The Japanese-inspired modern interior is beautiful but simply does not compare to the views from Zuma’s terrace.

Table next to a ledge on rooftop bar in rome

Zuma’s rooftop bar wraps around two sides of the building but I really think that the better views are in the first area that you step out onto. This is the side that faces the Spanish Steps and some of the tables are right against the edge which means nothing blocks your view of the glorious Roman skyline.

The other half of the rooftop is the side that is open for most of the year – so Zuma is a good bet on a nice evening outside of the summer season. 

view of glass roof and dome from Zuma Rome

The Zuma restaurant is on the level below the rooftop bar and you should make reservations ahead of time if you want to dine there after drinks on the terrace. Otherwise, there is a small but tasty menu of bar food which includes spicy calamari (a favorite of mine).

spicy calamari in black bowl

In the summer, the sun doesn’t really set until after 8 pm. If you arrive at 6 pm, you will have to linger over another drink to really take it in. 

I promise you – it is worth it. 

glass of white wine held up to Rome skyline

Zuma Rome

Via della Fontanella di Borghese, 48
Rome, Italy (Centro Storico – Spanish Steps)

Restaurant phone: +39 06 9926 6622

No reservations accepted for the bar. The entrance is on the left side of the building if you are standing and looking at the Fendi store. You do not need to enter the store to go up to the bar.

Open every day from 6 pm to 1 am (and until 2 am on Friday and Saturday)

5 thoughts on “Zuma Rooftop Bar in Rome

  1. George Reilly says:

    Good morning Natalie,
    Your post is a real appetizer! The next time in Rome I will make sure not to miss that roofbar! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Will says:

    Just a heads-up… There is a dress code for the bar for men (and maybe women?) I was there on there on July 26, when the high had been 98 degrees Fahrenheit, so my shorts and T-shirt didn’t make the cut (unsurprisingly) 😀

    • Natalie says:

      YES. I should have made this more clear. Almost all the rooftop bars in Rome require at least smart casual dress. Sorry you didn’t make it inside!

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