Chocolate Shots in Trastevere: Cioccolata e Vino

Books, wine, and chocolate may very well be my three favorite things in the world. In that order.

Being able to have all three at the same time?  I want to go to there. 

window above door advertising cioccolata e vino

There is a bar in the Trastevere area of Rome that has hit upon the trifecta: putting a bar in a used bookstore and then serving drinks from said bar in edible chocolate shot glasses.

Yeah. You heard me. Edible chocolate shot glasses:

white drink being poured into chocolate shot glasses

The chocolate shot glasses are definitely the big draw here, and the staff here are pretty hilarious. All of the drinks are named for sexual positions and the staff will egg you on a bit when you go up and ask for a threesome in Italian. (But they all also speak English).

Most of the drinks are baileys or kahlua based so they go well with the chocolate. The whipped cream is optional but more fun because the staff will really encourage you to pick the shot up with just your mouth – no hands. 

Things do get a little messy and there is plenty of innuendoes but it is not a raunchy bar at all. I have been here with my mother-in-law!

I would have taken more photos, but as you can imagine, these drinks didn’t last for very long on the counter.

If you’re looking for a cool bar in Trastevere,  this is a fun place to stop in for one drink, but it is not the kind of place where you would stay all night. Just shimmy up to the counter, ask for a BJ, and down it in one go after a few laughs.

two men and a woman in a yellow coat standing in a small bar

Drinks are about €3-4.50 depending on the exact shot you choose.

The chocolatey bar is on Vicolo Del Cinque, near Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere. Just look for the line and the menu of chocolate confections!

chocolates in bowls and trays behind glass

You can also buy chocolate candies if you prefer. Most of the used books are in Italian but they are also fun to browse.

used books on a shelf with antique chairs

Cioccolata e Vino

Vicolo de’ Cinque, 11A
Rome, Italy (Trastevere)

Phone: +39 06 5830 1868

Open: From 7 pm – 2 am Monday – Friday. Open 2 pm – 2 am on Saturday and Sunday.


12 thoughts on “Chocolate Shots in Trastevere: Cioccolata e Vino

  1. Nerys says:

    Chocolate shot glasses?? Om nom nom!! Looks like my kinda place! Reminds me of a bookshop in Urbino in Le Marche, at night it turned into a club!

  2. Catherine Robar says:

    Oh my goodness Natalie, you must take me to this magical place! In fact we should organize some kind of class trip, call it a cultural tour of all things Italian and fabulous. First it was the all you can eat/drink pizza place, now it’s chocolate glasses, I think that Rome is growing on me…

  3. LindyLouMac says:

    My kind of place definitely with three of my favourite things. Books I love so much I have a blog for my reviews. Booze, well you have just commented on the winemaking, (I have replied to the comments in full over there, but thanks for yours and the answer is Yes!). Chocolate, love it and you never even mentioned the cream πŸ™‚

    Did you get my message about adding your blog to my sidebar list?

  4. Dan R says:

    I just shared this post on my blog. These look so delicious and we are definitely going to hit this place up when we are there. I am really really enjoying your blog. Keep writing. You are a fantastic resource for those of us visiting Rome.

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