Rain in Rome

The rain has arrived in Rome.  While I love the look of the clouds gathering over the ancient Roman walls, the rainy weather has been a rather rude awakening.

I believe this is what people refer to as “fall,” or “autumn,” but coming from Southern California I have never really experienced true seasons.  The chill in the morning is taking longer and longer to burn off.

I think I might need to buy a coat for the first time in my life.

15 thoughts on “Rain in Rome

  1. Nerys says:

    I’d suggest you get a coat asap, winter in Northern/Central Italy can be very cold & snowy! 🙂 The weather’s horrible up here in Milan too, rained all night, raining all day – and I discovered this morning as I left the house that the only umbrella I had has broken 🙁

  2. MM02 says:

    It tickles me to no end, that you must soon invest in a coat. I chuckled a bit when you made your “seasons” comment. The liquid falling from the sky is simply water, you’ll be fine. Eventually, this liquid will turn to snow…do not be afraid, for this is the way of things.
    I hope all is well. I send you “miss you” texts every once in awhile, although, I realize they never reach their intended destination.


  3. anna says:

    ya! get a coat and some belli boots! you will be rockin’ the italian style.. but let me tell you that ROME’s weather is nothing compared to the climate shock i was in here up in Piemonte.. anyway thanks for reading my blog! i will be following yours and good luck with it!

    • La americana says:

      Anna- Belli boots? I have to learn! I can’t imagine hold cold it is up in Piemonte. I’d love to see the area, but I think I will wait until spring 🙂 Love your blog!

  4. LindyLouMac says:

    Oh is this your first winter? You may be in for a shock, we had snow that settled last winter even in central Roma!

    By the way would you like me to add you to my list of Italy Blogs?

  5. Joanne at Frutto della Passione says:

    Oh, I had the opposite problem when I moved to Rome! I’m from Canada and found Roman winters to be mild. I even stopped wearing my winter coat and bought a trench! Did traffic go mad today? That’s one thing I remember from living in Rome, when it rained everyone forgot how to drive!

    • La americana says:

      Ha! Joanne- I think we are definitely coming from different “winter” experiences. Do you miss Canadian winters?

      I was actually surprised by the amount of traffic! I was secretly wondering what would happen to all the scooters in the rain. Answer: nothing. They still drive around, skirting cars and splashing through puddles.

  6. Rafael Trickett-Robles says:

    With the opening of la Rinascente, just steps from the Trevi Fountain, there is now another option to pick up that perfect coat! Having visited in March 2017, they offered a number of promotions, one of the best being 50 Euros off a 200 Euro purchase or 100 Euros off a 350+ Euro purchase. Came home with a few Etro Home items 🙂

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