My Italian Kitchen

Thank you to everyone that is keeping me on my toes by pointing out my recent lack of posts.

Somehow, when I wasn’t paying attention, my ‘Italian Life’ became simply my life.  Friends and dinners and sunny days in the park and work and even a little bit of studying have combined to take up most of my days.

Oh, but I still have plenty of time to spend in my little Roman kitchen.  I love it because it looks so “Italian” to me.  The bright walls and exposed brick always make me happy- but the kitchen’s main draw? It is the source of coffee.

6 thoughts on “My Italian Kitchen

  1. Kevin in Indiana says:

    So I haven’t seen any posts about coffee (coffee candy excluded!). Do you still drink ‘Americano’ or have you opted for the local style? Do you own a moka, a coffee maker or and espresso maker? Just curious as I became addicted to espresso after my visit to Italy last year!

    Love the site. Keep posting!

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