Sunday Strolls on Via Appia

Rome is an amazing city, but sometimes you just have to get out.

Via Appia, or the Appian Way, is a short bus ride outside of Rome’s city center but once you get there you’ll feel completely removed from the craziness of Piazza Venezia.

Parts of the ancient road are well preserved and you can walk along the original stones.  Rent some bikes from any of the little shops along the way and you can cruise for miles, passing tombs, aqueducts, ancient village ruins, and some very modern villas.  (Via Appia is best known today as the absolute poshest part of Rome. This is where the super rich deign to make their modern Roman lives).

After all that walking or biking, take a break at the cafe and order some wine.

I’m hooked. If these clouds clear up, this is exactly where I’ll be heading today.

One thought on “Sunday Strolls on Via Appia

  1. Karla says:

    I love your blog !
    I must agree that yes Rome is a beautiful city but it is good to get away sometime.
    Have you made your way to the castelli area yet ? If you ever find yourself down this way maybe we can meet for a cafe?

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