Learn about Italian Wine: Vino Roma

Vino! Litro – 2 Euro!

Finding a local vino sfuso shop was an epiphany. I was living in San Lorenzo, Rome’s concentrated student quarter, so such shops were not difficult to come by. You could bring your own bottle, or opt for a plastic container on site and then select your desired vintage from a number of stainless steel vats.

How charming! I thought.
How authentic!
I assumed.
How quintessentially Italian!
I concluded.

Being new to wine and new to Rome, a 2 euro plastic bottle of wine sold on tap, out of a vat, is exactly what I opted to bring to a dinner party.

The look on my host’s face immediately indicated faux pas. I’m not sure what they ever did with the 1.5 liters of 2 euro Nero D’avola, but they certainly did not serve it that evening.

As it turns out, just showing up in Italy does not mean you will instantly imbibe deep-seated viticulturist’s knowledge of all things wine. So, with the vino sfuso experience (thankfully) behind me, I decided it was finally time to learn something about wine.

I met up with a few ladies in Monti, and we made our way to Vino Roma to sit down with Hande and talk about Italian wine.

We talked about flavors and regions and techniques.

We sampled three whites, and three reds, and tasted the difference.

red wine glass on table with worksheet

We discussed what we liked and what we didn’t. There were no wrong answers, but we were guided.

And we took notes. Lots of notes. We learned something.

overhead photo of red wine in glass on top of notes

I for example learned that I like Verdicchio. I like Verdicchio very much, in fact.

So much that once we finished the tasting, I was able to convince half the group to traverse half the city for another glass of wine.

You can find more information on Vino Roma here.  We took the My Italians class.

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