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Eating Cicchetti in Venice

I was just going to have one soft shell fried crab, and then we were going to go to dinner. Then I was just going to have another one, I mean, since we were still there and a table had opened up next to the bar. Then I might as well try the frittata with […]

7 Things to Know Before You Visit Terme: Natural Hot Springs in Italy

If you are planning a trip to Tuscany, you are signing up for all kinds of indulgences. After all the hard work of eating truffles and drinking Chianti, you might want to enjoy a bit of well earned relaxation. Terme, natural hot springs, are a fantastic way to soak in the Italian lifestyle. Some are […]

6 things I’ve Learned from 6 years in Italy

I moved to Rome on September 28, 2010. I had a heinous direct flight from Los Angeles, then booked a weird group transfer van from the airport, and met my landlord at an apartment that I had rented sight unseen. I managed to stay awake until 7:30 pm, before falling asleep until 3 am and […]

Video Tour of Trastevere

Rome Food Tour in Trastevere

Is it possible to be nostalgic about something that hasn’t yet ended? That is a bit how I have felt the last few weeks when walking through Trastevere. The lovely Roman neighborhood is quiet these days. And while the people are gone, the terra-cotta colors and shady corners are all the more inviting. Here is […]

The Siena Palio: More Religion than Race

I have something that I affectionately refer to as my Italian Bucket List. Hiking the Stromboli Volcano? Check. Battle of the Oranges? That was on it, but is now complete. Siena’s Palio? I have yet to fulfill my dream of experiencing the tradition first hand. The race is controversial because it is also dangerous. Siena’s […]

Da Adolfo: Beach Restaurant in Positano

From the moment we pulled into the port in Positano and I spotted a boat with a little red sign, I knew I was going to love Da Adolfo. You see, the only way to reach Da Adolfo, which is nestled on a private beach, is by boat. The view of Positano as you pull […]