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Arco degli Acetari – The Hidden Vinegar Maker’s Arch in Rome

You are going to have to trust me, but… You really should walk through this slightly suspect arch: The arch in question is Arco degli Acetari – the vinegar maker’s arch. It appears to be perpetually under construction. But if you weave past the wheel barrows and bags of cement, you will quickly arrive at […]

Unexpected Rome: La Piccola Londra (Little London)

street in rome prati

In the winter, Rome can be positively dreary. During the long gray days, you start to crave a cheery spot of color – which is exactly what you will find in La Piccola Londra. Rome’s “Little London” is an architectural anomaly. The short street was an experiment in city planning that was built around 1909. Rome […]

A Walk Down Via dei Coronari in Rome

via dei coronari rome

Rome is a beautiful city to get lost in. But with so many perfectly imperfect twisting lanes, there are only a few that I will go out of my way for. Via dei Coronari is a street that I can always make time for. It is the perfect Roman street. The flaking paint jobs are movie-set […]

Santa Maria in Trastevere

I was sitting in front of Santa Maria in Trastevere recently to finish my Fior di Luna gelato con calma. It’s seriously not the worst. From its cosmati floors: To the tip-top of its burnished gold altar. I wanted to revisit the church after reading a short story about a woman’s love affair with a statue […]