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A Long Weekend in Dubai

Dubai at night

We thought about doing a lot of things in Dubai. Perhaps we would visit the world’s only 7-star hotel? (Even though, technically, there is no official ranking above 5 stars). We were very nearly willing to pay the AED 350 minimum required to sit at the bar of the Burj Al Arab, to drink overpriced […]

April in Copenhagen

Copenhagen canals and buildings

Jimmy kept asking what I wanted to do for my birthday this year. “Oh nothing,” I answered again and again. “We didn’t really do anything last year, I don’t see why we should make a fuss this year.” Jimmy is often astounded at my poor memory. We absolutely did do something for my birthday last […]

The Quiet Beauty of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque

On my wedding day, my father told me I was a good traveller. He encouraged me to be brave and see the world, and then to put down roots.  He wouldn’t tell me where I should do that. He wouldn’t tell me which community to choose. I can’t choose. Or at least not yet. There […]

Eating Bugs in Mexico City

I arrived in Mexico City a day before Jimmy. What did I do with one day alone in a city of 22 million people? I ate bugs. Why did I do it? Because eating bugs has been on the bucket list for a long time and I wanted to finish 2015 strong. Those maguey worms, […]