April in Copenhagen

Copenhagen canals and buildings

Jimmy kept asking what I wanted to do for my birthday this year.

“Oh nothing,” I answered again and again. “We didn’t really do anything last year, I don’t see why we should make a fuss this year.”

Jimmy is often astounded at my poor memory.

We absolutely did do something for my birthday last year.

Copenhagen canals and buildings

We went to Copenhagen.

We went to Copenhagen to dine at noma, but I cancelled the reservation the day before the trip.

I couldn’t bear to spend that much money on a meal because I knew that if I could throw that much away on a single dining experience, well then I had plenty of money that I could also give to charity.

So we donated the price we would have paid to the Nepal Youth Foundation and got on a plane without a plan.

Copenhagen Parade

We wandered into the center on our first morning and stumbled upon a parade.

They handed us Danish flags which we merrily waved, not understanding what was really going on.

Queen of Denmark in Copenhagen

Until the Queen of Denmark cruised by, and smiled directly at us.

Turns out it was her birthday, too!

Copenhagen streets

No plans meant plenty of serendipitous wandering down Copenhagen’s cute streets.

Copenhagen in spring

In April, the city is in bloom. We wandered from park to park, taking in the spring time scenery.

Copenhagen in bloom

We were deep into wedding planning at that time, so I had flowers on the brain.

Copenhagen flower stand

We took in the palace grounds, and made time for some art exhibits.

Copenhagen palace

Compared to Rome, Copenhagen in April is a bit chilly (and a bit pricey).


But the architecture was so different from Italy, that walking and stopping to refuel and take advantage of the city’s coffee culture was the perfect way to spend a long weekend.


The sunniest spot we found was in Nyhavn, where we sat on the docks to toast to the next year of adventures.

We also spent nearly an entire day running around like kids at Tivoli Gardens.

This year? We plan do something very similar but in a very different location. 2 days until take off!




6 thoughts on “April in Copenhagen

  1. Lucy says:

    Wow, what an incredibly beautiful place! I always think that too, about donating money to charity. So far I’ve set up monthly standing orders to 4 different ones so I can treat myself occasionally without feeling guilty xxx

  2. Jay says:

    Have always wanted to visit there since the movie Hans Christian Andersen with Danny Kaye. “Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen, friendly old girl of a town…”. Logistically, other than flying it’s not that easy to get there though, is it?

    • Natalie says:

      We actually stayed in an Airbnb on the main road between the airport and the city center. It was really easy (and pretty affordable) to catch the bus in either direction.

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