The Quiet Beauty of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque

On my wedding day, my father told me I was a good traveller.

He encouraged me to be brave and see the world, and then to put down roots.  He wouldn’t tell me where I should do that. He wouldn’t tell me which community to choose.

Istanbul's Blue Mosque

I can’t choose. Or at least not yet. There are more places I need to see and communities I need to explore before I can know where to be.

Prayers in the Blue Mosque

In fact, to me, that is what matters most about travel: connecting to a new community.

Trying to grasp, if only for a few days, the beauty the drives different people in different places.

blue mosque exterior

Search of community is what drove me to explore, to move to Italy, and to stay.

Istanbul Blue Mosque

Istanbul is one of those beautiful places with a rich history.

Light in the blue mosque

Its ties to Rome are deep, but ultimately it is a place of its own making.

Blue mosque interior

It was inaugurated as Constantinople – the new capital of the Roman Empire in 330 AD, by Constantine (of course).

He abandoned Rome, and chose to start again in Istanbul.

Istanbul details

The empire fell, but Istanbul continued.

Blue Mosque details
One of the loveliest places in the city is the famed Blue Mosque.Michelle photographing Istanbul

I visited the city a few years ago with a dear friend and a dedicated traveler.

Blue tiles at the Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque was our first stop.

Blue mosque exterior

Built between 1609 and 1616, it still stands proudly today — elaborately decorated with blue tiles and stunning arches.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque Istanbul

Though widely visited, it remains a place of solitude and peace.

Sultan Ahmed MosqueWhy someone would try to shatter that, I will never understand.

What I do understand is how important it is to travel. To see places and meet people and learn.

istanbul street art

I hope you keep exploring — I will.

6 thoughts on “The Quiet Beauty of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque

  1. Regina says:

    I have never been to Istanbul…some day. But I could not agree with you more! Don’t let fear keep you from doing what you love. Then they win.

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