Urbino, Le Marche

I think it is pretty easy to tell why Urbino is a World Heritage Site:


The walled city seems to climb over itself, with layers of pointed roofs culminating at the  Ducal Palace.

Urbino Duke Palace

With the gorgeous palace at its core, Urbino still feels like a college town. The University infuses a young vibe into a very Renaissance village.

antique windows urbino

I loved Urbino in no small part because I love symmetry.

urbino italy architecture

The architecture of the palace was striking without feeling too imposing.

Urbino Palazzo Ducale

Plus, herring bone bricks gets me. every. time.

Urbino historic center

Urbino was one of my favorite stops in Le Marche — a region that I visited for the first time this month after 5 years in Italy.

urbino countryside

We lucked out during a weekend of showers, and had bits of blue sky for our stroll around the village.

urbino italy

Urbino is a city where the average side street is just as picturesque as the main palace and Duomo.

Ducale palace urbino

What an unbelievable place to spend your college years.

urbino palazzo

But who am I kidding? A big reason that I fell for Urbino was timing. Our stop coincided with a local organic market.

Uva fragola

And local organic markets mean free samples of uva fragola — a grape with a great flavor and a texture that definitely leaves an impression.

Italian gourds

Seasonal gourds? Don’t mind if I do!

Vintage campari signIncredible typography? You win, Urbino!


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