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Litro Wine Bar in Rome

Litro wine bar in monteverde rome

In Rome, when you order a “litro” of wine, chances are that it is going to be pretty bad. House wine, which is ordered by the liter, has a time and a place in Italian cuisine. That time is usually a heavy multi-course meal and the place is a traditional osteria without a wine list. […]

Chicchi e Lettere: Wine and Coffee in the Testaccio Market

What are you doing tomorrow? I suggest you get out of bed, make some coffee, brave the (not really bad at all) Roman weather, and make your way down to Testaccio market. Do any shopping you need for the next few days, then decide if you want a panino from Mordi e Vai, or a […]

Salotto 42: Cocktails in the Center of Rome

Piazza di Pietra is one of the most beautiful squares in Rome. Located between the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon, most people rush directly through it or miss it altogether. But smack dab in the middle, opposite Hadrian’s Temple, is Salotto 42. Salotto 42 is a small cocktail lounge with a fashion feel. That is […]