Eitch Borromini: Rome’s Stunning Rooftop Restaurant ‘La Grande Bellezza’

It usually pays to have friends with excellent taste, because they will often lead you to secretly amazing spots. Case in point: Eitch Borromini hotel and its stunning terrace.

Because my friends were staying there, I got a sneak peek at the rooftop in April before it opened for the season. I could already tell that I would need to go back because it is truly one of the best rooftop bars in Rome.

Rome rooftop bar at Eitch Borromini Hotel

Sipping a drink on the terrace makes you feel like you are on a Roman movie set. The vibe is apt because Eitch Borromini’s bar is named ‘La Grande Bellezza,’ after Paolo Sorrentino’s Oscar-award winning film of the same name.

The hotel is located inside a wing of Palazzo Pamphilj on Piazza Navona. (Yes, that is the same noble family that is associated with the Doria Pamphilj Gallery, so be prepared for grandeur).

Butted up against Sant’Agnese in Agone, the views from the bar are absolutely insane.

One direction overlooks Piazza Navona.

Another has views over the Pantheon.

You can also look out towards the Palace of Justice (Italian Supreme Court).

Or position yourself to watch the sun set over St. Peter’s dome.

The terrace has true 360 degree views of Rome, that almost no other rooftop bar in the city can offer.


No one is immune to the jaw-dropping views. Patrons tend to wander around from side to side, snapping photos of the gorgeous skyline in between sips of their drinks.

And there is another amazing bonus – even though the terrace is seriously luxurious, the prices are totally acceptable.

Glasses of wine and prosecco range from €10-15, which is significantly less than other terraces bars in the area.

At aperitivo time, each drink also comes with a small snack – for example, risotto with seafood.

The bar opens every day at 6:30 pm, and it is obviously advisable to be there for sunset.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that there are no umbrellas. Not wanting to block the view, the bar is completely open. That means you might want a later reservation on hot summer days when the sun is still fairly high in the early evening.

The views are pinch-me dreamy, so go before the season ends.

Access to Eitch Borromini’s La Grande Bellezza bar is strictly reservations only. Be sure to call ahead (+39 06 68215459) to book a space.

There is also a restaurant, so specify if you are booking a table there for a meal or on the terrace for drinks.

Or best of all, book a room to stay the night.


17 thoughts on “Eitch Borromini: Rome’s Stunning Rooftop Restaurant ‘La Grande Bellezza’

  1. Daniela Rickey says:

    This will go on my list. Have you eaten at the restaurant? Wondering if the views from the restaurant are as amazing?

    • Natalie says:

      Hi Daniela! I have not eaten there so I can’t speak to the food but I believe it has a similar view. It is one level below the bar, and nestled in next to one of the church domes.

  2. Caren Eno says:

    We will be in Rome the 3rd week of June. What would be a good time to make a reservation to experience the sunset? As a read your amazingly blogs it seems we need to make reservations for most of the restaurants. When should we start securing reservations? I was trying not to have a rigid schedule but looks like I need to for meals. Lastly are reservations mostly required for dinners or do I need to also do this for lunches as well?
    Love your site, I will be downloading your app for the trip!

  3. Jacquelyn says:

    This is on my list for my upcoming Rome trip! I will be there in mid-August, when do you suggest is the best time to book in advance for reservations? Thank you! 🙂

    • Natalie says:

      I think it is pretty relaxed – but I would say business casual? No running shoes or shorts or gym clothes. I have been in summer dress and sandals and it was fine.

  4. Joanna says:

    I will be a solo traveler and will attend Paula’s Open Air Concert on April 23, in a few days! Going to Rome to celebrate my birthday .

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