Video: Drone Footage Shows the Stunning Silence of Rome

I have struggled to watch some of the videos of an empty Rome, or to see normally busy sites in Italy completely deserted. It has been painful to see a country that is normally so full of beauty be laid so bare. 

Today is the 30th day of our national lockdown. As the curve seems to stabilize, we are cautiously optimistic. However, we anticipate that our Italian lives will remain restricted for quite some time to come. 

It has been hard to watch Rome from our living room because we are so used to being in the thick of the vibrant city. The mishmash of old and new is something that we usually experience firsthand and so watching it like a distant memory can bring on a physical ache. 

I don’t know if it is the spring weather or the uplifting music, but this video – Il Silenzio di Roma (The Silence of Rome) – actually gives me hope. It is a reminder that the enduring beauty of the city is still there… and Rome is certainly a city that endures. 

For now, we are all reminded of that at home, but I cannot wait to see these familiar streets again myself. 

If you need more good feels these days, here is an emotional live music performance over Piazza Navona, and a look at a community of rowers that have come together in Venice during this crisis. 

2 thoughts on “Video: Drone Footage Shows the Stunning Silence of Rome

  1. Valerie says:

    I know Rome better than where I live, I have walked the streets from One end to another, eat at quite a few restaurants, visited all the famous monument, three many a coins in the fountain, I am sadden to see a city I love so much be so diligent, but with hope in my heart I know it will loud and busy once again. I Love you Rome My heart will be there again.

  2. Navyo Ericsen says:

    Thanks for sharing this video. I miss Rome, and Italy, every day. It is eerie to watch the Eternal City like a ghost town, but I know there will be one helluva party when this is over! Enjoy your home time and please keep posting!

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