Life Under Lockdown in Rome (Video)

I recorded this interview with NBC between the time that the first nationwide locked down occurred, and the next night when stricter measures were put into place. That means: all coffee bars and nonessential businesses are closed; you can only go to work if you work for an essential industry; and we need to be prepared to sign a legally binding document about why we are outside our homes.
However, the overall message still stands: we feel that everyone in Italy is in this together. We are not panicked, we can still go to the store and pharmacy, and even for a walk for health reasons (though we are asked to minimize this).
Here is more information that I update daily about Rome and the coronavirus whenever there is a new development, as well as the letter I wrote to family and friends – urging them and you to start social distancing. This is not an Italy problem, a Europe problem, or a China problem. This is happening everywhere and the personal choices we make can save lives.
We are going to get through this. Andrà tutto bene. Everything will be ok.

5 thoughts on “Life Under Lockdown in Rome (Video)

  1. Mark says:

    Is not going to be ok. Except of the health emergency, the economical conseguences of this they will will be enourmous in Rome, where tons of shops, restaurants, tour agencies leave from tourism. Tourists are cancelling over 90% , so is realistic to say that this season is over. Noone can wait 1 year to earn when Italian State helps only the “dipendenti” and not the companies to survive. Rome will never be the same again, we must face the reality and move on.

    • Natalie says:

      Our deepest worry is also economic, but it can’t override everyone’s right to a healthy life. We won’t qualify for any kind of assistance, and it is terrifying to think of but we have to keep going.

  2. Toni McNair says:

    Thank you Natalie – this was the clearest description of the situation I have heard yet. It’s unimaginable to think of Rome like this. I was to land this morning yet here we are. Keep us informed on how you and others are doing – Rome has been my soul and I miss it dearly. The daily death tolls bring pure tears of pain for Italy. Take care stay safe.

  3. Robert Klein says:

    Many many years ago the International famous French singer Charles Aznavour recorded the International Super Hit “Com’è Triste Venezia” in several languages. Today it will be “Com’è Triste Italia”.

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