Video: How Women Rowers of Venice Keep the City Fed During Lockdown

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The last place I visited before Italy went into a full national lockdown was Venice. I love the city and was so lucky to be there in the quiet of late January. 

One of the things of my Venetian bucket list is to take a class from Row Venice, a female-run non-profit of all women rowers who keep the tradition of traditional Venetian rowing alive and well. Not only do they maintain the traditions in normal times, but they are also now using their skills and their bateline boats to deliver food during the crisis.

The rowers have partnered with an organic food company to deliver fresh goods throughout the locked-down city. As they explain in the video, the logistics of delivering food can be overwhelming when small companies don’t have their own boats.

They are volunteering their time now, but hope the example will inspire people to make more use of the sustainable approach in the future.


One thought on “Video: How Women Rowers of Venice Keep the City Fed During Lockdown

  1. Marianne says:

    I’ve never visited Venice (yet), but this sounds like a fantastic idea. I hope that people there can see the ecological benefit of using these boats for deliveries when the lockdown is finished. I’m surprised the local government does not ban gas powered boats in the city to help keep the water cleaner and quieter and more picturesque. The last two would help tourism too.

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