Brylla Wine Bar in Rome

While many of Rome’s best wine bars are conveniently located in the center of the city, or close to major monuments. Others require slightly more dedication to discover.

One of the few wine bars that I willingly make the trek for is Brylla.

Brylla opened in the Trieste area of Rome in late 2016.

I was immediately drawn to the modern design of the small space – particularly the double sided marble bar that allows sitting with a view of all of the delicious snacks available to order.

The wine bar as a large selection of cured meats, Italian cheese and other small bites that can be ordered as side plates to nibble while you drink.

But it is the approach to the drinks that really sets Brylla apart from most of the other wine bars in Rome. While many bars have an extensive bottle list, most only offer a few options for wine by the glass. At bars such as Al Vino Al Vino and Il Goccetto, there is always a pretty good list of wines available by the glass. The list changes regularly, so you can sample a range of wines without buying a bottle.

At Brylla, however, literally every single wine is available by the glass. You can even order a glass of wine from a bottle worth €300 (though you will be proportionally to the bottle price, so a glass isn’t necessarily cheap).

So does mean Brylla is throwing away old bottles of half finished wine constantly?

Nope. The contemporary bar uses a modern bottle opener that allows a glass to be poured without uncorking the bottle. The wine that remains in the bottle is just as fresh as if it was never opened.

The wine list is extensive (though oddly organized), so being able to pick any glass your heart desires from the 200+ bottle cellar is quite fun.

There is also a full menu available, but I prefer the meat and cheese to any of the hot dishes that I have tried.


Via Chiana, 77
00199 Roma (Trieste)
+39 06 8535 5669

Open: Monday – Saturday from 12:30 pm – 3 pm and 6:30 pm – 12 am.


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