Vinaietto: Local Wine Bar in the Center of Rome

Wine makes me a little bit sentimental.

Weird, right? But bear with me.

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There are plenty of places to grab a glass of wine in the center of Rome, but one of the best is Il Vinaietto – a small, historic wine shop in the heart of the city.

Most popular before dinner, you have to make your way inside to order at the simple counter.

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After selecting your drink of choice, most people head outdoors.

viniaetto rome wine bar

Because while the interior is appealingly eclectic, and dotted with communist paraphernalia, the real draw to Il Vinaietto is the crowd.

viniaetto rome wine shop

In fact, you will probably hear the hum of people before you turn the corner to find them wrapping around the exterior of the shop with wine glasses in hand.

Leah at viniaetto rome

There is no gimmick and no wifi – just a great selection of vino.

And wine matters. Not only because it is delicious, but also because of the excuse it offers to get together and toast to life’s small victories or commiserate over the daily grind.

Great friends are made over wine, and one of my favorites, a fellow American-dating-an-Irishman, leaves Rome today.

So cheers to Leah on her next adventure.

Come back soon so we can grab a glass and give the Irishmen their time to talk.

Il Vinaietto
Via del Monte della Farina, 38
Centro Storico, Rome

Open: Monday-Saturday from 1 pm to 11 pm.


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