Italian Residents Find Wine Instead of Water in Their Taps

Life in a small town near Modena was turned upside last week when wine suddenly started flowing from the water taps thanks to a mistake at a nearby Lambrusco winery.

The “problem” occurred in the Castelvetro area of Modena, when tanks at the Settecani winery began to leak into the water supply. The high pressure of the fizzy red wine caused it to displace the water and flow directly into the homes of nearby residents. 

The miracle of water turned into wine stunned locals, who set aside as much as possible before the issue was fixed by technicians. They have since been assured that the water supply is completely safe. The winery has since apologized for the mistake but they received several messages of gratitude from the residents who had happily bottled the prized liquid up at home.

I’m not a huge Lambrusco fan, but I absolutely would have done the same!

You can buy wine on tap, known as vino sfuso, around Italy from shops that sell the cheap booze from large barrels to save on costs. However, wine flowing out of the actual tap inside your home is sadly not a regular occurrence around Italy. 

I have seen it happen on a smaller scale, though. When I first moved to Rome, I spent one of my first weekends here in the town of Marino. The little area in the Castelli Romani has a Sagra dell’uva (grape festival) every autumn. It is one of my favorite festivals near Rome and is great fun for a lot of reasons. First and foremost being that they re-route the pipes leading to the town’s main fountain so that white wine flows out instead of water.


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