Things I Have Been Consuming Instead of Blogging

2015 is hectic, in the best possible way.  We have it jammed with travel and even a couple life milestones.

So in between all of that, dealing with hackers, and forgetting to pay my hosting service (oops), I have turned to food and drink rather than blogging.

So here is where I have been and what I have been up to, with links to much more dedicated bloggers where possible.

Carlsberg in Copenhagen

Carlsberg in Copenhagen for my birthday.

Ragu in BolognaRagu (and Tortellini in brodo, and ravioli, and many other good things) in Bologna.

Suppli in Testaccio

Supplì at Trapizzino. My favorite 1 euro snack in Rome.

Sofie's bread

Sofie’s bread.

Cheese from Gregorio

Unbelievable cheese from Gregorio.

Clams and monks beard from BrocolettiVongole and agretti at Broccoletti.

Pizza with mozzarella crudo at Emma

Pizza margherita with mozzarella cruda (of which the cheese was good but the pizza was… not) at Pizzeria Emma.  I have tried Emma a few times, and hoped it would get better but I am losing a bit of faith.

Cheese from Beppe'sCheese platter and Georgian wine with Sarah at Beppe e i suoi formaggi.

Pizza margherita at Da Remo

Pizza margherita at Da Remo, our neighborhood standby, with visiting family.

Dunkin donuts in DC

Dunkin’ Donuts and coffee during a whirlwind trip to DC, because it is weird what you miss as an expat.

Guiness in IrelandGuinness in Ireland, in a thatched-roof pub overlooking a river, next to the small stone church where I will be married in 88 days.



4 thoughts on “Things I Have Been Consuming Instead of Blogging

  1. dena landry says:

    soooo glad your back , i went to check your blog , i was like WHATTTTTTTT, she can’t be gone, did she get deported or something. anyway glad to to have you back , i so enjoy your site, and learning more of my favorite place , rome italy!!! chao!

  2. Rebecca says:

    This post makes me so jealous! Except for Dunkin Donuts, because now I can get that anytime. 😉 It’s so funny the things you miss as an expat! Or the things you miss once you leave Rome (I crave taralli ALL the time). Thank you also for listing my blog on your site! I’ll be moving back to Europe (possibly Rome) in September, so we should meet up for a coffee sometime.

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