Marino Sagra dell’Uva

Imagine Disneyland at double capacity and you might have some idea of the scene at Marino yesterday for the town’s annual wine festival.

The trip to Marino was my first trip out of Rome since I arrived a week ago.  Despite the massive crowd, it was refreshingly tourist-free.  People flock to Marino to celebrate the grape harvest with free wine.

Free wine.  Did you get that? The town of Marino actually shuts off water flow to the city’s fountains for about an hour and turns on the wine.  Free white wine is then passed out the massive crowd cramped in and singing around the fountain.

When the wine runs out, they hand out the grapes and you’re forced to spend 2 Euro for a bottle of wine.  2 Euro??

I could get used to this.

4 thoughts on “Marino Sagra dell’Uva

  1. neekoh says:

    That sounds like something straight out of a movie. I almost don’t believe you (if I didn’t know you IRL, I totes wouldn’t). So, Sept-Oct 2011, expect my visit 😉

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