Expresso WiFi: Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot for Travel in Italy


It literally took me several years, many phone calls, a google search for legal advice and a couple of registered letters to figure out internet contracts in Italy.

While Wi-Fi coverage is growing in the bel paese, it does not come close to matching the easy connectivity you can find in countries like the US or the UK. In fact, 40% of Italians never use the internet at all, which drives down demand for internet in cozy cafes.

In order to get my daily dose of the internets, I have a portable Wi-Fi device that I can turn on whenever the urge strikes. It is truly one of the best (and only ways) to ensure a safe and reliable connection, and now you can get one without having to deal with complicated contracts if you are only coming to Italy for a short time.

In fact, Expresso WiFi offers unlimited internet throughout Italy with a tiny portable wifi hotspot with no long-term signup required.

I am definitely a convert to using the portable Wi-Fi option over data roaming plans.  With one Expresso Wi-Fi, you can connect multiple phones and other devices (up to 10), so that everyone in your group has access to the internet.

Utilizing Italy’s fast 4G network, the hotspot gives you access to Google Maps – which is incredibly helpful for everything from driving in Sicily to navigating medieval towns on foot – as well as Facebook, Whatsapp and more.

Pricing is staggered based on the amount of time you need to rent the device for – with the daily rate dropping the longer you rent it. For example, if you need the hotspot for 5 days, it will cost €6. For 11 days, the rate drops to €5/day, and for 21 days or more, the charge is only €4 per day.

Unlike my first experience signing up for internet access, Expresso WiFi is hassle-free. The device can either be picked up and then dropped off at their kiosk in the airport, or it can be shipped directly to your first hotel and returned by courier.

You know you are going to want to be uploading your Italy photos in real time, so go ahead and book the handy pocket-sized device for your trip.  Better yet – if you book here through December 31, 2017 you can save 15% with the code “anamericaninrome”.

Many thanks to ExpressoWiFi for partnering on this post.

6 thoughts on “Expresso WiFi: Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot for Travel in Italy

  1. Derek says:

    I don’t understand the benefit of this device over a cell phone equipped with an Italian SIM card. Am I missing something?
    Last winter I was paying about €16 per month for a SIM with plenty of data for my needs. I could also
    use my cell phone as a hot-spot when I wasn’t near a wifi connection.

    • [email protected] says:

      Your Italian SIM card most likely has a traffic limit, while this comes with “unrestricted bandwidth”. From their FAQ page:

      How long can I navigate?
      You can enjoy unlimited data during your entire rental. This means you can always stay connected and surf without bandwidth throttling or traffic shaping.

      Basically you could stream Netflix movies if you wanted to, without worrying about any traffic charges.

      Italy is still lagging behind in Internet connectivity, so any addition like this one is welcomed.

  2. JESSICA says:

    Perfect timing. Going to Italy in less then 2 weeks and was going to get a Sim card but if there’s no WiFi around this might be better.

  3. Dean Flaming says:

    If you have a smart phone or tablet with SIM card on the U.S. carrier Verizon Wireless, then for an extra $10/day you can use your domestic data plan internationally. For a price comparison, I have found this cheaper than purchasing an Italian/European 4G SIM (and only slightly more than a 3G SIM with very limited data caps). Additionally, if you have a large data plan or unlimited data plan, then you may find it totally worth the costs.

  4. moira says:

    Hi all, Did Expresso wifi work for you? I booked this a few weeks ago and have been trying to get them to confirm. I’m going in a few days and am nervous I was scammed. Thanks!

  5. ivan says:

    10$ per day not include total unlimited data plan.

    EU Roaming policy written that “the operator must allow a part of the data plan provided without extra cost and for where ,can be request extra charges in case of reach a special threshold . For who sell unlimited data plan the % of usage without apply extra cost is related to 15% of data plan allowed.

    This mean that:

    – US AT&T and Verizon can sell their plan but they MUST need to reduce speed after a % consumptions. (read the AT&T travel package ,after 2/pages is written about their limits)
    – EU Mobile Carrier in roaming condition must “declare” for bundle , the amount of “free” data ( in example Iliad outside italy declare 2GB of data allowed)

    The only way to spent 4/5 $ without “thinks” or surprise is to acquire a pocket wifi with A LOCAL INTEGRATE SIM for where the “UNLIMITED” statement can be implemented. Outside Italy many of operators rent pocket wifi with in most of lucky max 1GB per day that today is no more acceptable for 7/8$ per day.

    Roaming cost reduce but is still close to 3/4 euro per GB in EU and 5 EUR for overseas.

    In Italy the SIM solutions is , behind the complex to have 2 sim inside, not “an unlimited” solutions and get a non balanced product between “GB” and “MONEY”


    with regards

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