Le Asiatique: Rome’s New Fine Dining Fusion

The first thing you will notice about the newly opened Le Asiatique is that it is crazy beautiful.

The stunning space is a bit of a labyrinth – with eye catching murals dominating two of the 5 main rooms.

But the contemporary art is not limited to street art inspired pieces.

As you wander through the dining rooms of the modern Asian fusion restaurant, you will find gorgeous silk kimonos and delicate porcelain displayed along the velvet covered walls.

The modern Japanese influence is also reflected in the menu.

From crispy wagyu (yes) to sashimi, Le Asiatique’s light bites offer a welcome break from cucina romana.

le asiatique sushi rome

But to be honest, Le Asiatique’s strengths lay beyond sashimi. The sushi is fine, but the more complex dishes are the star of the show.

Japanese in Rome at Le Asiatique

I am literally still dreaming about this melt-in-your-mouth salmon carpaccio that was full of citrus. The avocado and mango purees on top added even more unexpected brightness, which was set against the crunch of macadamia nuts.

le asiatique rome cocktails

And I’m not a huge foie gras fan… but when you put it in a fried wonton?

Holy hell.

Then the cocktails up the flavor ante once more.

The drinks are meticulously prepared, down to the elaborate garnishes.

i Cocktails le asiatique roma

You can watch the bartenders carefully blend lemon grass and secret recipe bitters into each drink behind the mirrored mosaic of the chic bar area.

le asiatique japanese bar

But do you know that feeling when something beautiful also feels a bit overdone?

le asiatique cocktail bar

The structured drinks fit with the overall thoughtfulness of the setting, but I might stick to a glass of Valdobiadene prosecco for the already layered flavors of the meal.

Just down the street from Zuma’s bar (another upscale take on contemporary Japanese cuisine), Le Asiatique is the newest option in Rome for non-Italian fusion dining.

It is easy to be completely mesmerized by the design – but just don’t forget about the salmon carpaccio.

Le Asiatique
Largo della Fontanella di Borghese, 86/a
Rome, Italy (Centro Storico)

Stop into the bar area for a drink, but book ahead if you plan to dine.
+ 06 69 33 04 41
[email protected]

Le Asiatique Opening Hours

Open Tuesday – Sunday from 12 pm to 12 am. Open Monday from 6 pm to 12 pm.

Many thanks to Le Asiatique for the invitation to preview the menu!


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