Pitigliano: Tuscany’s City Built of Tufo

We had stopped by Saturnia and Sovana, but our final destination was the village of Pitigliano.

Perched on a rather perilous seeming cliff, the town is sometimes referred to as Italy’s Little Jerusalem. Though the synagoge is rarely in use, it has been turned into a lovely historical landmark.

The rocky village is worth a visit, full of twisting alleys, dark passage ways, friendly locals and delicious Tuscan home cooking to keep you warm even on rainy January days.

Plus, planters filled with kitties which is always sure to be a hit with me.

And an Ape in every shade!

If you want to book a trip, we stayed at Il Tufo Rosa, a comfortable home base with the bonus of delicious organic olive oil for sale downstairs. (Tufo is the kind of rock the city is built of).

We left Rome Saturday morning and were back by Sunday at 6 pm. ┬áIt was a brief road trip and possibly too short a time in Pitigliano, but it’s doable in two days.


5 Responses to Pitigliano: Tuscany’s City Built of Tufo

  1. Karen Smith says:

    Beautiful photos! I often recommend the tufa town tour to our villa guests, and now I’ll refer them to your blog for further inspiration. Thanks for posting!
    – Karen

  2. Fra says:

    I born here and I believe that is the best town in the world!!!!!!!

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