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Happy 2764th Birthday Rome!

When I first visited Rome for 3 days in 2004, I had no idea the city would become my home away from home. Today, Rome turns 2764 years young! Rome and I happen to share birthday weeks, and the old girl’s incredible age makes my transition from twenty-something to older-twenty-something feel slightly less traumatic. Auguri […]

Pizzarium: The Best Pizza in Rome?

Old pizzarium before remodel

When my friend came to spend the holidays with me in Italy, we went on an adventure to eat the best pizza in Naples.  Slow train journey to Naples and back in one day for Da Michele? Worth it. After our Neapolitan experience, we were on a mission to find the best pizza in Rome. […]

Best Views of Rome

Confession: I rank Rome’s landmarks and monuments based on how much they look like cake. That means that my favorite is the Colosseum at night, but Palazzo Vittorio Emmanuele comes in a solid second: Having already scored major brownie points for looking like an over-the-top wedding cake, I found out that Palazzo Vittorio Emmanuele was […]

Rome Burns Again

There is a lot of street art in my neighborhood and this message isn’t new, but it is certainly timely: Concerned letters and emails from home are starting to arrive.  There have been demonstrations and protests around Rome for weeks now.  The metros are packed with activists coming from outside of the city to demonstrate […]