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La Bocca della Verità: The Mouth of Truth is Totally Lame

Never once in my life have I ever said: “OMG. You haaaaaaave to see the Mouth of Truth!” Because that would be a lie. La Bocca della Verità is totally lame. The most notable thing about it is the line that stretches through its gate at all hours of the day. To add to the charm […]

Explore Rome: February 2016 Events

There is frappe in the bakeries and confetti in the streets, which means it must be Carnevale in Italy. We will be heading north to Ivrea for the festivities, but there is plenty on around Rome this month as the whole city seems to be embracing the belief that this mild weather might be our real […]

Views of Rome from the Pincio Terrace

Some spots in Rome are unmissable, and most of whirlwind trip can be taken up by zipping between the Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain… But it would be a mistake to skip the Pincio Terrace. A lone palm tree marks the spot on one of the best hills in Rome. Though not one of the “seven […]