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Taking the Ferry from Salerno to Amalfi and Positano

Salerno to Amalfi Ferry

When we visited the Amalfi coast, we stayed in Salerno. I am so happy with that choice. Salerno has a new high speed train station, so it is easy to get there from Rome in 2 hours. Staying in the historic center of the city at the cusp of summer was intoxicating. Everyone was out […]

Does L’Antica Pizzeria Da Michele in Naples Live Up to the Hype?

My first few months of living in Italy were confusing. I had just left my career and my home. I did not speak the language. I met the man who would eventually become my husband, but I had no idea if he even liked me at that point. I had never spent Christmas away from […]

How to Get Fat in Naples

I am that girl, and I am not ashamed. I am that girl who brought a tupperware to Naples in my purse because I wanted to stuff myself with pizza and pastries, but obviously I was not going to waste any food should (God forbid) I get full. Don’t worry, one day in Naples is plenty […]

Pasta Fritta: Frittatine in Napoli

We have friends visiting from California right now, and it seems that every time I suggest something that they just *have* to eat, it’s fried. Example: “Hey guys! Let’s go get cheesey pasta in a bowl made of fried cheese!” or “Hey guys! Let’s go get the best fried fish in the world! Ever! It’s […]