Video: Steve McCurry Pays Tribute to Italy with His Incredible Photographs

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“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.” So exclaimed Giuseppe Verdi in one of my favorite quotes, but I would say that many of us feel the same way. This includes celebrated photographer Steve McCurry, whose images from his travels around the world have become iconic. 

Now, the artistic explorer has created a tribute to Italy and its people. He opens his video montage with a message – explaining that Italy is a country that has called him back to visit more times than he can count. He laments a country scarred by the health crisis and declares: “I stand with the Italian people. You are always in my heart.”

McCurry is best known for his captivating portraits. So while the country’s beautiful landscapes are present, it is really more about the people. The Italians in their Sicilian garages, on the benches of Piazza Navona, or simply reading the paper at a coffee bar. There are farmers and dancers, lovers caught in an embrace, and children filled with pure joy. 

If you are missing Italy and the people who make it great, this video will let you re-live a few special but universal moments. 

For more uplifting videos from the lockdown, you can see Andrea Bocelli’s concert at the empty Duomo di Milano or tear up as a young guitarist plays over the rooftops of a locked-down Rome.

One thought on “Video: Steve McCurry Pays Tribute to Italy with His Incredible Photographs

  1. Niki says:

    Sono italiano, e sono senza parole per la bellezza, e la potenza evocativa che possiedono queste fotografie nel rappresentare il mio Paese. Questa E’ l’Italia. Grazie!
    I am Italian, and I am speechless for the beauty, and evocative power that these photographs possess in representing my country. This IS Italy. Tank yoy
    Niki Seminara

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