Bosco de Medici Winery in Pompeii

bosco de medici wine in three glasses

It is incredible how much things can change when you head a few miles south. It only takes about an hour to get from Rome to Naples on the fast train and the difference in energy is instantly palpable. The city pulses to its own rhythm. Just a little bit further and you find yourself in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius in the calm and ancient wonder of Pompeii.

Pompeii is best known for its ruins, and for the ancient city that was completely buried by a volcanic explosion. However, these days it is also becoming known for the new Bosco de Medici Winery, which is creating unique wines from vines along the slopes of Vesuvius and the surrounding area. Jimmy, Giacomo and I jumped at an invitation to visit a few weeks ago.

We set out from Rome in the morning, stopping in Naples and then taking an arranged transfer for the 35-minute drive to Pompeii. 

Once we arrived, we set out on a short tour of the vineyards, garden, horse stables, and farm area. I honestly did not know what to expect because the modern area of Pompeii is really just so famous for its ruins that no one talks much about the other things to do in the area. I think that made me even more impressed that this little gem exists in the center of it all.

bosco de medici winery sign

The winery is also dedicated to researching new techniques and is currently testing biodynamic methods of production. The roses planted here are beautiful but also slightly more sensitive than the grapes, so their health is a natural way to monitor the health of the soil and check for any pests without having to use fertilizer or pesticides.

Of course, since Bosco de Medici borders the archaeological area, there are even more ruins along the edge of the property which are currently being excavated. 

ruins near pompeii

However, the real reason to come to Bosco de Medici is for the wine tasting. The tasting experience starts as soon as you finish your tour of the grounds, with a welcome glass of prosecco inside the winery. 

bosco de medici winery entrance

Depending on the Pompei Tasting Experience you select, you will then move onto wine and food pairings. I was a big fan of the rose and appreciated how easy the sommelier was to talk to about the wines. I know that wine tasting can sometimes be intimidating but this was an incredibly welcoming setting (which is probably why it was so popular for lunch even in the middle of the week!)

rose wine from vesuvius

I was also a big fan of this appetizer platter! It was a great sample of the typical foods of the area. That mozzarella made me so happy. 

But the food and wine certainly don’t stop there!

You can book your visit, tasting, and meal, directly with the winery.  The tastings start at €30 per person which I thought was a steal because it includes 5 wines and a full meal. Of course, you can choose even more wines or a deluxe experience to really indulge.

Be sure to end with a taste of limoncello – made by the owner’s grandmother!

It is a great option for those wanting a wine tasting in Pompeii, a nice lunch trip from Naples, or even in a day from Rome or the Amalfi Coast.

How to Get to Bosco de Medici Winery

  • Take a private transfer from Naples: Contact the winery or send an email to [email protected] and they will organize everything (pick up and drop off). This service is extra, and you will be given a quote which you can pay directly to the driver.
  • By train from Naples: they can catch the Circumvesuviana from Naples Piazza Garibaldi, direction Poggiomarino and stop at Pompei Santuario.
  • On foot from Pompeii: if you are already in Pompeii, you can walk from the entrance of the ruins (the winery is essentially behind the amphitheater to give you a sense of the distance), or they can take a taxi from the stand outside of the ruins.
  • Stay the night: Bosco de’ Medici also has a hotel with a pool and a great view of Vesuvius so you can also stay the night on the property and enjoy even more wine. 

pool at Bosco de Medici with Vesuvius in the back

Bosco de Medici Winery

Via Antonio Segni, 41
Pompei, Italy
Phone: +39 081-8564040
bosco de medici wine in three glasses
Note: We were guests of Bosco de’ Medici for the tasting but this post represents my honest opinion of the experience.

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