Discover Rome: New App Updates

One of the projects that I always knew I wanted to complete was to write a modern guide to Rome. And since guide books tend to go out of date so quickly, I decided to create the Rome guide as an app and Discover Rome was born.

The beauty of having an app means I can update it as things go out of business or changing ownership (like, sadly, Fiocco di Neve) or when new places open. That means that you always have the latest information about what to do, see and eat in Rome right at your fingertips.

This update was a big one. In addition to adding more content, there is an entirely new map feature. You can now see every location on a single map (which also works offline) instead of needing to be in different sub-sections. YES!

That means that as you explore Rome, you can pull up the app and see what you are closest too. Maybe there’s a museum that you didn’t realize was nearby OR you simply want to find a great coffee shop in the area – no problem! You can filter within the map to see everything, or only have specific categories appear.

The recent update also added new content based on your feedback – so thank you! There are now more classic Italian restaurants and more Trastevere neighborhood suggestions.

I am always working to add more (and your app will automatically update at no cost when I do), so please let me know if there is anything else you would like to see and discover in Rome.

Discover Rome is available for iPhone and for Android.

One thought on “Discover Rome: New App Updates

  1. Susan says:

    Hi there! Is this app only available in the States? I’m looking for it on my App Store in Ireland and it’s not there 🙁 And it looks perfect for our honeymoon.

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