Discover the Other Side of Rome

In the 1960s, Italian journalist Silvio Negro wrote Roma, non basta una vita.

“Rome, a lifetime is not enough.”

The longer I live in here, the more this rings true. I have spent more than seven years exploring the Eternal City but I know that I am barely scratching the surface of this ancient metropolis.

In fact, it is those very layers that most draw me to Rome: the present built upon the past, and a modern city brimming with creativity that springs up among the ruins of an ancient civilization.

Rome is my home and my passion, so I am thrilled when other people feel the same way about exploring the most unexpected corners of the city.

That is why I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to partner with Hilton to share another side of Rome in this video.

Yes, Rome boasts some of the most important museums and monuments in the world, but it also has a unique energy that is impossible to find elsewhere.

From the markets that burst with color and activity in the mornings, to evenings spent outside watching a movie under the stars – the city has an irresistible staccato.

You can find this energy on top of the Gianicolo at sunset and against the sun-streaked walls of Trastevere.

It might be in a hidden frescoed passageway or carried in the shouts of the vendors calling from the fruit stalls.

You can find it on the breath-taking rooftops as well as captured inside the city’s urban murals.

We all have the postcard-worthy snaps of the Colosseum, but I am most proud of this video (ecco la versione con i sottotitoli in italiano) because it so perfectly captures the true beauty of Rome. It shows how extraordinary every day can be, here.

There is always something new to discover in Rome – and I hope to see you out on the cobblestone streets soon!

Learn more about Italy’s unexpected cities and plan your trip.

Many thanks to Hilton for the opportunity to show off my Rome – una città inaspettate!

One thought on “Discover the Other Side of Rome

  1. Dario says:

    You really shouldn’t have done this to me, Natalie.
    Not to this Rome-adoring guy stuck in New York City (a megalopolis with a charm of its own, yes, but a very different animal).
    Very aptly written and illustrated, in a few streaks it captures the spirit and enchantment of Rome very effectively.

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