Palazzi Parking Spaces

One of the worst places to cross the street in Rome is in Piazza Venezia.  The traffic circle is a major artery for traffic in the historic center, and one of the main bus stops. This means, not only do you have to be cautious of cars merging on and off, you need to watch out for Roman bus drivers, which is an entirely other ballgame.

So when I do cross the street from Campidoglio, I usually let out a cartoonish “whew” and keep going.

But this time, a driveway caught my eye and I wandered past the Portiere (doorman) for a peak.

Wrought iron Rome

The palazzo’s main drive was hidden behind a wrought iron gate.

But if you lean over, you can catch a glimpse of life beyond the walls.

Roman driveway

Bigger-than-life-busts and a classic Roman fountain, with a fiat cinquecento to really seal the deal.

There are plenty of palazzi in Rome, but this one has the best parking spot I have ever seen.

Palazzo in Rome

A little glimpse into the good life to celebrate the start of the weekend.


3 thoughts on “Palazzi Parking Spaces

    • Natalie says:

      I have never taken then time to slow down and peek inside, but I am so glad I did. Rome is full of these hidden corners.

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