Church: Rome-style.

I hope you like photos, because it is really hard for me to put into words how much I love this place.

Ara coeli in rome

Santa Maria in Ara Coeli is my favorite church in Rome.

It is the most beautiful church in Rome.

Most beautiful church in rome

I mean, if you like brassy and in-your-face beauty. Which I obviously do, because I am from California and I live in Rome.

What other beauty is there? Understated? Yeah. Understated in overrated.

campidoglio church rome

You know what is not overrated? 1 billion crystal chandeliers.

church details rome

Ok, maybe there are not 1 billion- but there are more chandeliers than any quiet church would ever have. No, this church is the church of ROME.

…Or at least the church of the City Council of Rome.

catholic church rome

Same thing.

Anyways, here are a few more photos so you can judge for yourself.

mass in rome

dear baby jesus in Italian

rome church ceiling

church floor rome Rome church


aracoeli church decorations Rome church tombs rome most beautiful church

When visiting Rome, it does not hurt to pop in to most of the churches you walk by. Just dress appropriately (covered shoulders and knees), and enjoy the grandeur.

This church has a few stairs because it is located on the highest point of the Campidoglio hill, but the climb is more than worth it.

view of aracoeli stairs


9 thoughts on “Church: Rome-style.

  1. Regina says:

    Thanks for this. We are doing a Bernini pilgrimage for my 60th in February and this is on the list. Great photos! Those tourists didn’t get the covered knees memo!

    • Natalie says:

      That is a great idea for a trip! And this is a great church to have on the list! In February, everyone will likely be covered 😉

  2. Michael Malolepszy says:

    In S. Maria in Aracoeli one column has a Latin inscription; ‘a cubicolo augustorum’ (from the chambers of Emperor Augustus) – a great example of recycled ancient roman materials. A picture I took if it in 2010 is at

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