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Farmer’s Markets in Rome: Speaking to Campagna Amica’s Pietro

man cutting prosciutto by hand at a farmer's market in Rome

Where did you last do your grocery shopping? Chances are, you probably went to a supermarket–I know I did, and so did many Italians. In 2016, there were some 30,000 supermarkets in Italy, and that number has only grown since.  Traditionally, Italians did their shopping at mercati rionali, open neighborhood markets usually held in the main square […]

Rome Reopens Farmer’s Market at Circo Massimo

You might recall that the city of Rome closed the popular farmer’s market near Circo Massimo in February 2017. The closure came with no warning and no plan. The stall owners were simply informed that they could no longer sell anything in the space on Via San Teodoro. Needless to say, there was a small […]