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When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Cake

Amalfi lemon

I have been waiting for the laundry to finish so that I can make lemon cake. This has less to do with laundry being time intensive (it’s quite simple, once I actually put the sheets IN the machine), and more with electricity. My washing machine is directly next to my oven. These appliances are found […]

Panettone: How to pronounce (and then serve) Italy’s favorite Christmas cake

Italian christmas cake known as panettone

Panettone. Pa-neht-tohn-ney panetˈtoːne However, you say it, panettone is Italy’s ubiquitous Christmas cake. Yes, there are other holiday treats but it is the panettone that reigns supreme. During the holiday season (which runs through 6 January), the stores and bakeries are piled high with the sweet cake. If you are visiting someone’s home or throwing […]