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Terme di Caracalla: A Tour of the Baths of Caracalla in Rome

One of the sites in Rome that has always fascinated me are the baths of Caracalla – better known in Italian as the terme di caracalla. The complex, which stands about a 10 minute walk from Circo Massimo, is absolutely massive. While some of the relics of ancient Rome can be fairly unrecognizable, the large […]

Teatro di Marcello: The Theater of Marcellus in Rome

I have a lot of favorites when it comes to Rome. I have my favorite gelato in Rome. I have my favorite books about Rome. I have my favorite pizza by the slice. I have my favorite Roman garden. I have my favorite cacio e pepe in the city. But I think Teatro Marcello might […]

Arco degli Acetari – The Hidden Vinegar Maker’s Arch in Rome

You are going to have to trust me, but… You really should walk through this slightly suspect arch: The arch in question is Arco degli Acetari – the vinegar maker’s arch. It appears to be perpetually under construction. But if you weave past the wheel barrows and bags of cement, you will quickly arrive at […]

April 2017 Events in Rome: Your Calendar of What to Do

April 2017 what to do in Rome

March simply did not live up to its crazy weather reputation. We have been lucky enough to experience an early spring, so I have high hopes for April in Rome. With the 4-day Easter weekend looming in the middle of the month, as well as Rome’s birthday on the 21st, there will be plenty of […]

Palazzo Corsini: The Galleria Corsini Art Museum in Rome

Palazzo Corsini sits quietly along Via della Lungara in Trastevere. The sunken street, which runs parallel to the Tiber River, is on the edge of the neighborhood and easy to miss. That means Palazzo Corsini does not get a lot of traffic. Which is weird, because it is actually an incredible location. The palace sits […]

A Rome Street Art Tour

I traverse Rome on foot.  This is due to: 1/3 Necessity 1/3 Impatience 1/3 Pasta-and-pizza-burning-off But in addition to ruining several pairs of lovely shoes, walking the Eternal City gives me an opportunity to admire Rome’s ever evolving street art. However, that means I can only cover a small area on any given day. And […]