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Bernini Exhibit at Galleria Borghese

people walking around a statue in galleria borghese

One of my favorite art museums in Rome has long been Galleria Borghese. My first trip took awhile because the museum is so popular that you MUST book tickets in advance to be granted two hours of admission to wander the decorated halls. While it takes a tiny bit of planning to visit, I always […]

8 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Trip to Rome

While Italy can seem like a luxury destination, there are plenty of ways to save money on your trip. In fact, Rome is the Eternal City because it continuously reuses and repurposes its history to fit its future. Do you think the Vatican could have afforded all that marble? Heck no! It stole it from […]

The Sewing Cooperative in Rome: Unique Tailored Experience

Rome may be the epitome of a classic Italian city – but it has also long sat at cultural crossroads. Today, that international influence is probably best seen in the city’s Esquilino neighborhood, so I was thrilled to head there a few weeks ago to meet with Lydia, Dawda and Kara to talk about their new […]