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Unexpected Rome: A Secret Walkway through Trajan’s Markets

Whenever I am walking through Monti, one of my favorite things to do is to take a detour to stroll along the “secret” passageway that runs through Trajan’s Market. Most people who visit this area of Rome walk along Via dei Fori Imperiali, the large road that connects Piazza Venezia to the Colosseum. This is […]

How to Survive Rome in Summer High Season

Updated July 2024 Rome in summer sounds like a dream, but it can actually be a bit hot and frustrating. It is also one of the most popular times to come to Rome, so you will be dealing with crowds and competition for hotels and prime restaurant reservations. So, how can you make the most […]

Unexpected Rome: Murals of Tor Marancia

Visitors are sometimes surprised by the amount of graffiti in Rome, with illegible squiggles scrolled across most walls. I’m not a fan of the spray paint on every door, but I do appreciate Rome’s growing street art scene, especially when the murals are part of a social project the way they are in Tor Marancia. […]

Discover the Other Side of Rome

In the 1960s, Italian journalist Silvio Negro wrote Roma, non basta una vita. “Rome, a lifetime is not enough.” The longer I live in here, the more this rings true. I have spent more than seven years exploring the Eternal City but I know that I am barely scratching the surface of this ancient metropolis. […]

Best Parks and Gardens in Rome

Rome is a major European capital, with the traffic and urban congestion that comes along with being such an important Italian city. However, if you break away from the stone alleyways that wind through the center, there are plenty of little green corners to enjoy. Some of the best parks and gardens in Rome are […]

Visiting the Vatican at Night

The Vatican Museums are one of Rome’s top attractions (even though Vatican City is technically its own country and therefore not in Rome). But this popularity means that the museums can be claustrophobically crowded so ticking the Sistine Chapel off your bucket list may feel like joining a herd of cattle. The solution? Visit the Vatican […]

Free Rome Museums and Monuments the First Sunday of the Month (Domenica al Museo)

Update 2024: After some confusion and cancellations over the past years, Domenica al Museo is officially back! The Rome free Sunday is on every month and works as detailed below. The first Sunday of every month, cultural sites run by the state are totally free in Rome. That means that once a month, you have […]