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Lela Casa: Lovely Home Accessories in Rome

lela casa rome

Once upon a time, the cutest shop in the world was just a few steps from my apartment. Filled with delicate ceramics, and bold linens, Lela Casa quickly became my motivation for leaving the house before the market closed on Saturdays. Luckily, the store still exists, but has simply moved locations. Now situated between Ponte […]

Aromaticus: Plant Shop and Kitchen in Monti

I cannot keep plants alive. I try. I coddle. I water. I find the right amount of sunlight. Then I fail and they die. But luckily, I can replace them any time I want at Aromaticus. This quirky little shop in Monti is a gardener’s dream. Potted greens, watering cans in every shape and size, […]

Volpetti Specialty Food Store in Rome’s Testaccio Neighborhood

When I first moved to Rome, Amazon was a pipe dream. Yelp? Didn’t yet exist here. (Not that it would have mattered so much, because though I paid handsomely, my internet barely functioned). And just so we are clear on timelines: New York got Eataly before Rome did. All this to say- if you needed […]

Shopping Mercato Monti

Chain stores are beginning to proliferate in Rome. Many Roman teenagers would would be hard pressed to think of doing something other than spend their weekends at the suburban malls, packed into PULL&BEAR and breaking only to eat at McDonald’s. However, there are spots of shopping sunshine among the international conglomerates, and one of my favorite buying experiences is […]

LOL Boutique in Monti

Split across two gorgeously designed shopfronts on Via Urbana is LOL – one of my favorite boutiques in Rome. Inside is a feast for the eyes, with designer duds artfully curated throughout the space. The rainbow organization is so aesthetically pleasing that I want to take one of every color to be able to recreate the […]

Shopping for Italian Leather Boots: Santo Calzature in Rome

Have I mentioned I love shoes? Oh? Repeatedly, you say? But I do. The love is real. I even made my own shoes here in Rome. However, while I might be able to craft a single pair of sandals with a lot of dedicated supervision, I like to buy my boots. So every year, I […]

Pope Socks: A Favorite Roman Souvenir

Updated: October 2023 Deep in my heart I still believe that the best gift ever given to anyone in the history of the world was given by me, to my sister. She was the lucky recipient of a combination bottle opener/toe-nail clipper in the shape of Pope John Paul II’s face. I procured it at […]

Rome’s Eataly by Termini

UPDATE 2019: This Eataly location has closed. The main Rome Eataly is located in Ostiense. The location is now occupied by another Italian gourmet food store know as Officine. Ah, Termini. Termini is Rome’s main train station and the only place in the city where the two metro lines (A and B) cross. It is a […]